Well done, Virgin Islands! We ran a successful election with only a little noise, and no serious incidents. The electorate has spoken — whether wisely or not, we shall see over the next four years — but they certainly decided they’d had enough of the National Democratic Party. No doubt NDP members are licking their wounds, they were so sure of victory.

VI Party members, meanwhile, are in ecstasy, but they have a lot to prove to wipe out the errors of their previous 13 years in office.

The new opposition is a real mishmash of parties and ideas. Let’s hope they can form a common voice in both agreeing with any legislation or opposing the same. One does not envy the House of Assembly having to deal with the outcome of Brexit and the European Union requirements of our financial services.


Voting machine

Of course, the new voting machine would give trouble in District Three early voting, where I was, but, once fixed, that side seemed to work well. But they need to have two tracks for the registration: a fast one for those with voting cards, and one for those with no form of ID and needing help. Let’s hope that there has been no shedding of government papers to cover up any anomalies.

Now we have a long list of promises to hold them to, and we may even hope that some ideas of the losing candidates may be adopted.

Again, well done, VI!


Pharmacy ad

In other news, a local pharmacy is advertising on the radio that “we also offer … pregnancy testing kits … and 10 percent discount to seniors.”