The circled section of Main Street is expected to be two-way by the end of the year, Communications and Works Minister Kye Rymer announced last week. (Photo: GIS)

As part of government’s efforts to reduce traffic congestion in Road Town by 35 percent, the section of Main Street between Joes Hill and Flemming Street will soon accommodate two-way traffic, according to Communications and Works Minister Kye Rymer.

“What we want to introduce by the end of the fourth quarter is an upgrade that we believe will enhance our traffic flow and reduce the congestion,” Mr. Rymer said of the plans during a House of Assembly meeting last Thursday.

He added, “The rest of Main Street, starting at the same intersection of Flemming Street to Customs Road intersection in the vicinity of the Commercial Court building, will remain a one-way heading in the westerly direction.”

Mr. Rymer said he is aware that Main Street is narrower than most roads, but he promised that steps will be taken to ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists.

“I have requested of the Public Works Department to develop designs for implement- ation of this upgrade to see how best we can fit in sidewalks along this segment of the road to ensure the safety of pedestrians,” he said.

He added that large trucks will be prohibited from traversing Main Street.

“This new outlet being created, by a conservative estimate, we believe that the traffic congestion will be reduced by at least 35 percent,” he said. “I have experienced the congestion and can recognise the immediate benefits that this upgrade to our traffic flow will bring to our motorists.”