Government is putting the finishing touches on Road Town’s Market Square, which has been operational since February, Communications and Works Minister Kye Rymer said last week.

“The completion of the bus shelter and installation of the shutters will complete the Market Square project,” Mr. Rymer told the House of Assembly last Thursday while responding to questions from opposition member Marlon Penn.

Cabinet approved a budgetary estimate of $1,432,500 for the project in 2020, and the total spend to date is $1,276,714, according to the minister.

“A contractor has been engaged through a restricted tender process to construct a bus shelter in the amount of $94,612. This new bus shelter will be 36 feet by 10 feet in dimension,” he said. “A tender is currently out via the Ministry of Finance Procurement Unit for the procurement and installation of shutters to enclose all the kiosks and to provide shade when open.”

Mr. Rymer said he was unable to provide a cost amount for the shutters since they are out for bid.

The Market Square consists of 16 kiosks: 10 measure 12 by 12 feet, and six measure 10 by 10 feet. One kiosk is dedicated to farmers and fishers from sister islands free of cost, and two are demarked for daily rental to any vendor, the minister said.

He added that eight kiosks are permanently rented at $250 per month.

Rentals down

That price is down from previous announcements. When the Market Square opened in February, kiosk rentals were pitched at $450 per month for the larger booths and $300 per month for the smaller ones.