A Beaconite was impressed by the new “multi-sport” court at the Youth Empowerment Project centre in East End. It was his first time covering a YEP event, and he saw a lot of enthusiasm, not only from the organisation’s leaders, but also from the children who attended. Although the sand flies were biting throughout the ceremony, and a thin mist of bug spray hung in the air, the Beaconite enjoyed hearing from board members and learning about the programme. Also, some of those YEP members have some serious game on the court.

Primary sources

For readers who haven’t noticed, the Beacon is now frequently posting various documents on its website, Log on today to see the order paper for today’s House of Assembly meeting. Other documents posted recently include a forensic examination of the government’s Treasury Department. The website also includes photo galleries, a poll, a forum, audio clips and a “Photo of the Week” feature, to which readers are welcome to contribute.

Mohawk dog

A Beaconite interviewing Sir Richard Branson recently had a variety of important questions about the billionaire’s activities. Questions like: What exactly are your development plans for Mosquito Island? When does your space tourism firm Virgin Galactic plan its first launch? And, excuse me, but does that dog have a mohawk? The Beaconite asked Sir Richard the last question because as the reporter sat in a chair relatively close to the beach on Necker Island, a yellow-and-brown dog wandered past. Its sides were shaved, and a narrow strip of fur ran along its back.

“Our dog does have a mohawk,” Sir Richard said with a laugh. “You’re not seeing things.”

The dog, named Sushi, has a caretaker who also has a mohawk, Sir Richard explained.

“It’s great when they both walk around together,” he added.

Sadly, the Beaconite failed to get a photograph of the dog.

Library nostalgia

A Beaconite had cause to remember during the territory’s 15th celebration of Library Week that her neighbourhood library was a favourite place to spend time as a child. Her library card was her passport out of the drudgery of school assignments and everyday chores. As she got older, the library was a research centre for information about college, then for writing term papers. Some of her first research about the territory was also done at a public library, where she could check out travel guides and read about the region. The Beaconite has also visited and checked out books from the Road Town Public Library, but she mainly goes there now to research her articles.

It ain’t so bad

The best job to have in the United States in 2013 is dealing with financial risk and uncertainty as an actuary, according to a recent job-ranking list by, followed by biomedical and software engineering. The study, which considers physical demands, work environment, income, stress and hiring outlook, is based on data from the Bureau of Labour Statistic and other government agencies.

The worst job on a list of 200 — just under oil rig worker, enlisted military personnel, and lumberjack — was slightly jarring to this Beaconite: newspaper reporter. The job typically scores low on these lists, so he wasn’t too surprised, but he’s not sure what all the fuss is about. The industry is obviously changing, and the hours can sometimes stretch into the night. But week after week the Beaconite enjoys being a lowly newspaper reporter and trying to serve this community as best he can — worst job ever or not. Did he mention that this newspaper has a website? Check it out at, and don’t forget to visit the Beacon’s Facebook page as well.