A customer looks at an assortment of backbacks at a Road Town store. (Photo: NGOVOU GYANG)

Six-year-old Ahijah Barth loves pink. Her knapsack has to be pink,

as does her lunch kit. On Aug. 28, she was out shopping for school supplies with her grandmother Evelyn Dawson.


They were in a tailor’s shop opposite the Road Town Methodist Church, where Ahijah was getting fit for her new school uniform.

Ahijah loves to keep up with trends, her grandmother said. “She wanted a pink Kipling bag, but it was so expensive, and I got her a Jansport bag,” Ms. Dawson said.

Jansport and Dickies have been the popular brands in demand among parents shopping this summer, according to Kayed Kayed, owner of Sunshine Boutique on Main Street.

In recent days, there have been more parents shopping for school items than for other clothing, the storeowner said.

“If you wait till the last minute, then you may not get what you want and will have to settle for whatever is left,” Ms. Dawson said. “I usually prepare her for school a week or two before the resumption date.”

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