Gunshots were fired and a person was injured Friday night at Bouncer’s Bar in Paraquita Bay, according to a police press release.

By the time police responded to the scene upon receiving a call after 11 p.m., the individual had already been taken by a private vehicle to Dr. Orlando Smith Hospital, where he was being treated for his injuries, the release stated.

Police issued another press release Tuesday that said Dijon Hodge, 28, of Fat Hogs Bay, was arrested in connection to the shooting and was charged with unlawful possession of explosives/ammunition, carrying a firearm without a licence, possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life, resisting arrest, and assault on police.

As of Tuesday, Mr. Dijon remained in police custody pending his appearance before Magistrates’ Court, police said.

As the police are still investigating this case, Police Information Officer Akia Thomas declined to say what prompted the shooting; what injuries were sustained and whether they resulted from gunshots; what the alleged victim’s current condition is; or how many people fired shots.

“Any relevant updates will be provided as they are received,” Ms. Thomas said.

Police are asking anyone with information about the incident to contact the Criminal Investigations Department through the access number 311.