Sixth District independent candidate Dion Jennings held his campaign launch on Friday night, with National Democratic Party Fifth District candidate Delores Christopher and Virgin Islands Party Third District incumbent Julian Fraser both officially launching the following night.


If elected, Mr. Jennings pledged to expand and repair the district’s crumbling roadways, and to push for the creation of a secondary road out of Baughers Bay. The political newcomer also pledged to push for transparency in government.

“The people have to know where their money is being spent,” he said, speaking to about a dozen people gathered under and around his campaign’s white-and-yellow tent. “We have to hold [government officials] accountable.”

The next night, Mr. Fraser presided over a rally at the Valerie O. Thomas Community Centre in his home district in Sea Cows Bay, where he received an endorsement from retiring VIP leader and former premier Ralph O’Neal.

“Our first premier was the honourable Adrian Stoutt from Long Bay, the next premier was Willard Wheatley from East End, the next was Cyril Romney from West End, the fourth was from Virgin Gorda, and the fifth was from Road Town,” Mr. O’Neal said. “Well, why can’t the sixth one be from Sea Cows Bay?”

Mr. Fraser also spoke for about an hour, outlining why Third District voters should re-elect him.

“My people of the Third, for 42 years you’ve stayed loyal to the Virgin Islands Party brand, and the party has acknowledged your commitment and has now rewarded you with the greatest prize: They have responded by making your representative chairman of the party and the opportunity to be the next premier of this country,” he said.

Around the same time Mr. Fraser was speaking, Ms. Christopher was holding her own rally at the basketball courts in Huntums Ghut.

The Fifth District incumbent criticised the VIP for providing “band-aid solutions” during their time in government, and she implored voters to keep the NDP in power.

Ms. Christopher also laid out her vision for future reforms in Huntums Ghut, including refurbishing the basketball courts where the rally was being held: She said she will install restrooms and concession stands there during the next administration so that the area can host basketball tournaments and other events.