The count is in, but the more complicated information that makes census data especially valuable — like statistics about age, income and education level of the Virgin Islands population — still isn’t ready, according to Raymond Phillips, the director of the Development Planning Unit.

“The only information that can be shared from the census at this time is basically what the total population would look like,” Mr. Phillips said last week during a Government Information Services programme.

Mr. Phillips was promoting the DPU’s census draw, part of the department’s incentive programme that encouraged residents to participate in the census and be counted when enumeration started in 2010.

“Any other detailed information comes from the actual scanning of the questionnaires, and that is the point at which we are at now,” Mr. Phillips said on the programme.

He didn’t say when the final report on the information gathered from the questionnaire would be ready, and he hasn’t responded to recent requests seeking more information.

See the July 18, 2013 edition for full coverage.