Deputy Premier Dr. Kedrick Pickering met with fishermen on Anegada last Thursday to exchange ideas about strategies for the fishing industry on the sister island.

Among other topics, Dr. Pickering discussed plans to develop an unused government building in The Settlement previously designated for a fishing complex, which he and other officials “informally surveyed” during their visit, according to Government Information Services.

The minister also assessed other issues, including land and seabed questions, and met with residents.

“We recognised that many Anegada fishermen were unable to come to the National Fishermen’s Conference held in March this year,” Dr. Pickering told the Department of Information and Public Relations. “So we decided that if they could not come to us, we had to go to them.”

The meeting was held at the Anegada Public Library.

Members of the government team included Ronald Smith-Berkeley, permanent secretary in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Labour, and representatives from the BVI Fishing Complex, the Conservation and Fisheries Department, Land Survey and the Department of Disaster Management.