At the Dec. 15 Christmas party at the East End Police Station, more than 500 people enjoyed the food and entertainment that the force provided, while children jumped on a bouncy castle and got their faces painted. (Photo: RVIPF)

More than 500 people partied at a family friendly event at the East End Police Station on Dec. 15, enjoying good food, the sound of the Shooting Stars Steel Band and entertainment from Sergeants Tommy Daniel and Collis Fraser, Police Information Officer Diane Drayton Stated on Dec. 23.

Kids of all ages received presents, and had fun playing on a bouncy castle and getting their faces painted, Ms. Drayton stated.

“The [police force] continues its efforts to connect with the community territory wide and bridge the gap between the police and the community through various outreach events and programmes,” Ms. Drayton stated.

She also thanked the corporate sponsors of the East End party, who “wrapped Christmas in a bow for the district.”