A man is dead after a shooting in the Brandywine Bay area late Tuesday night or early yesterday morning, police confirmed.

The victim, who was not publicly identified by Beacon press time, was reportedly found unresponsive in a vehicle on the eastern side of the bay, the car marked with several with bullet holes. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police also reported that about an hour before the shooting, officers approached a lone scooter rider during a road check in Thread Falls. The man allegedly threw a bag containing a gun and large quantity of ammunition in the bush in Sea Cows Bay before speeding off. Police did not explicitly say if they believe that incident is linked to the shooting.

Shortly after the stop-and-search, officers responded to a 311 call about the sound of gunshots in Brandywine Bay. Though it is not confirmed who made the call, one resident posted on Facebook at around 11 p.m. on Tuesday to say he had heard gunfire in the area.

“Did the Brandywine public just heard [sic] what sounded to be a full clip being emptied?” a Facebook user posted under the name Levi James on the BVI Community Board page.