Three years ago,

nature put on a good show.


From Hurricane Irma to coronavirus,

My mum was considering moving to Cyprus.


Although there are ups and downs,

I love this place, that’s why I’m still around.


The things I could have changed

Were probably my grades,

Those hit my family just like grenades.


Over the long period of quarantine,

I changed from a child to a teen.


Online school

Definitely wasn’t cool.

A lot has happened in this day and age:

Mission impossible — disengage!


Some things I wish I could change,

These strange things I could rearrange.

Something small like Santa’s list,

I want no more guns, not even a fist,

Something on sale I wish I could resist!


The world makes bad decisions,

Our ideas brought us in a sad collision,

We could have been in a good position,

But now we’ve got one big mission,

Mission impossible now engage!


Regardless of age, gender or race,

Let’s make the world a better place.


The past years have been a show,

But now it’s just for me to applaud and go


I want to be able to write a poem

About how much this world has grown


But for right now this is what I would have done,

Three years ago.


Rush was one of the winners of the Nook Young Writer Awards in June in the age 13-18 category. The above poem was written on the prompt “If you could travel back in time three years, what advice would you give your younger self and why?”