A St. Lucia national who is accused of threatening to murder a man he believed was planning on testifying against Kimo Creque in a legal matter was offered $70,000 bail and surrendered his travel documents.

In May, Neil St. Rose was sitting at a bar in North Sound, Virgin Gorda, when he saw a man and his wife walk into the establishment, said Crown Counsel Kael London, who read the allegations against the defendant.

A few minutes after the couple arrived, Mr. St. Rose walked over to the couple, told the man they needed to talk, and then walked him out of the bar to a Mitsubishi parked across the street, Mr. London said.

Pointing to Mr. Creque, who was sitting inside the car, Mr. St. Rose warned the complainant that he would kill him if he testified against Mr. Creque in court, Mr. London said.

“I have to kill you if you step into court,” Mr. St. Rose said, according to Mr. London.

This threat scared the complainant, who began walking away but was grabbed by Mr. St. Rose, according to the prosecutor.

“‘You’re not going any-where,’” Mr. St. Rose allegedly said, and proceeded to further threaten the complainant, Mr. London claimed.

Mr. St. Rose then released the complainant, who walked back into the bar, alerted his wife, and left, the prosecutor said.

The next day, Mr. St. Rose was notified by police about the complaint, interviewed, and charged with perverting the course of justice, according to Mr. London.

Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste-DaBreo adjourned the case until Nov. 19.

Ms. Baptiste-DaBreo set Mr. St. Rose’s bail and ordered him to submit his passport to the Virgin Gorda Police Station and report to the station Mondays and Wednesdays.

Additionally, the magistrate forbade Mr. St. Rose from having any contact with the complainant.