An inmate at Her Majesty’s Prison will be tried in November and December for allegations that he assaulted two prison guards and damaged government property during two separate incidents that occurred days apart.

On March 25, Keno Allen was in the prison’s holding area when he allegedly asked to speak with the facility’s superintendent, Magistrate Jack Husbands said while reading a description of Mr. Allen’s charges.

When this request was not immediately granted, and a guard told Mr. Allen he had to fill out a form to speak with the superintendent, he allegedly lashed out, Mr. Husbands said.

Though officers restrained him, Mr. Allen allegedly “caused injury under the officer’s eye…and ripped the shirt he was wearing,” Mr. Husbands said.

The officer later reported to Peebles Hospital for treatment, according to the magistrate.


A report of the incident was filed the next day and Mr. Allen was formally charged with assault occasioning bodily harm and with damaging the officer’s shirt, which is government property, Mr. Husbands said.

Then, on March 28, after meeting with the superintendent, Mr. Allen was being escorted by a female officer to another part of the prison when he allegedly assaulted her and made threatening comments, Mr. Husbands said.

“You assaulted the officer by taking your hand to the chest area and saying, ‘You think I’m joking,’” Mr. Husbands said in his summary of the allegations.

Mr. Allen has pleaded not guilty to the charges stemming from both incidents.

The trial for the March 25 incident is scheduled for Nov. 27, while the trial for the March 28 incident is scheduled for Dec. 5, according to Mr. Husbands.