Top law enforcement officials including Police Commissioner Michael Matthews (picture above) and Customs Commissioner Wade Smith received the Covid-19 vaccine outside police headquarters last Thursday morning. (Photo: PROVIDED)

Police Commissioner Michael Matthews and Customs Commissioner Wade Smith sat next to each other while receiving their first jab of the Covid-19 vaccine at Police Headquarters last Thursday morning.

Outside, a line of other law enforcers waited their turn.

“I happily took the vaccine this morning,” Mr. Matthews said in a Thursday statement. “We are on the frontline, and just as we put on our protective vests and gear before dealing with potentially deadly situations, we must also readily put on our immunisation arsenal. It is that simple.”

Mr. Matthews added that the jab was quick and painless, and it gave him a sense of confidence and protection.

While he acknowledged that many residents are reluctant to take the vaccine, he feels that there would be much higher demand if there had been more deaths in the Virgin Islands from the virus, he said.

“Government worked tremendously to keep the community safe, but the price is we essentially are isolated from the experiences of the world,” he said. “Those I found in line this morning were family members of individuals overseas who either died or almost died from the virus.”

He added, “In the absence of alternatives for keeping us safe and restoring our economies, I am happy there is an option.”

Vaccines were administered to law enforcement officers last Thursday and Friday outside of police headquarters.