As of Feb. 10, police had released no further information about the Feb. 6 deaths of Rodney Simmonds Sr. and Andrew Skerritt other than their names and the areas where their bodies were found, even though online reports had speculated as to the manner of the deaths. “Nothing further can be given at this stage,” Police Commissioner Michael Matthews said via WhatsApp on Tuesday. “It’s a live investigation.”

On Friday, police reported that Messrs. Simmonds and Skerritt were found and pronounced dead at their homes in Threadfall and Carrot Bay, respectively.

“Homicide detectives are on the scene determining exactly what has occurred,” Police Information Officer Diane Drayton stated in a 3:05 p.m. WhatsApp message. “This appears to be a tragic isolated incident with no threat to the wider community.”

Mr. Simmonds Sr. was a co-owner of the Boys Service Station in Sea Cows Bay, and previously raced horses at the Ellis Thomas Downs racetrack under the name The Boys Stables.

On a Saturday post on the “St. Thomas, St. Croix, and Tortola Horse Racing Fan Club” Facebook page, a member named V Benji Benjamin posted a picture in commemoration of Mr. Simmonds.

“Filled with so many emotions right now, pain, despair, and anger, just to mention a few. I lost a good friend in Rodney “Mileage” Simmonds,” Mr. Benjamin wrote in the caption.

Mr. Skerritt worked at Green VI, where he was training to be a school garden caretaker.

“He was kind and conscientious and had great plans for the future. He will be sorely missed,” Green VI Deputy Director Sarah Penney said on Feb. 10.