Police have charged two Diamond Estate residents in connection with a Sunday night shooting in the parking lot of Bobby’s Supermarket that did not result in any injuries but left at least three vehicles and a storefront window damaged, Police Information Officer Diane Drayton stated on Tuesday.

Michael Albert Hatchett, 25, was charged with attempted murder in connection with the shooting, and he and Tamisha Dennis, 21, were jointly charged with possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life, unlawful possession of ammunition, and carrying an unlicensed firearm, Ms. Drayton stated.

According to police, investigations suggest that the targets were two people seated in a parked vehicle.

“Any number of innocent customers to this popular supermarket could have been struck and killed or seriously injured in this reprehensible act,” Police Commissioner Mark Collins said. “This could have easily been another life lost and another family in grief. No dispute is worth the loss of a life.”

He added, “Never, ever let anyone in your presence justify carrying a firearm. There is no justification. No one wins in the end.”

Police continue their public appeal to report any illegal firearms or people who possess them, Ms. Drayton stated.

Anyone with information can contact the Special Investigation Team at 368-9155 or the police at 311, she added.