Four Venezuelans appeared in Magistrates’ Court Monday to face multiple charges stemming from a Sept. 27 raid at Anderson Hill, where police confiscated a loaded gun and 124 kilograms of cocaine.

One admitted his intention to distribute the drugs, another took responsibility for the seized Luger nine-millimetre pistol, and a third denied all charges except illegal entry.

The fourth — a pregnant woman — did not plead that day.

In connection with the cocaine, Ignacio Pineda Moises Gonzalez pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled drug and possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply.

He also pleaded guilty to illegal entry, though he pleaded not guilty to keeping a firearm without a licence.

Franklin Jose Garcia Ramirez pleaded guilty to keeping a firearm without a licence and to illegal entry, but he pleaded not guilty to the drug charges.

Luis Hector Gonzalez pleaded guilty to illegal entry, but not guilty to the drug and gun charges.

Jessica Faronas Farrinas —the pregnant woman, who initially was charged with the same gun and drug crimes — appeared via videolink on Monday with the other defendants but did not enter a plea that day.

After the men entered their pleas, Crown Counsel Kael London said the Crown would not present additional evidence on the charges to which they pleaded not guilty.

Ms. Benjamin then explained to Messrs. Ramirez and Luis Gonzalez that the Crown would not proceed with the drug charges against them.

She added that the Crown also would not proceed with the firearm charge against Messrs. Ignacio Gonzalez and Luis Gonzalez.

For the crimes to which they pleaded guilty, the defendants are scheduled to be sentenced on Nov. 9, Ms. Benjamin said.

Pregnant woman

On Tuesday, Ms. Farrinas, who is due to give birth this month, returned to court and pleaded guilty to overstaying her landing permit and not guilty to all other charges, said attorney Stephen Daniels, who represented all four defendants.

The court fined her $1,000 and dismissed the other charges, he said.

Two other Venezuelans who were also arrested in Anderson Hill the morning of the drug raid— Dannys Juan Rodriguez Robles and Emerais Guadalupe Lopez Leiva — were previously charged with overstaying their landing permits.

They were fined $1,000 or sentenced to two months in prison if they don’t pay, according to the Police Information Office.