Melissa Alexander, left, and Nichole Raab practise their pre-show routine, titled “Goldilocks and the Three Rings,” on Friday at U.P.’s Crystal Ballroom. Their performance is part of the Cada Players’ production of The New Ringmaster. Photo: ERIC VOORHIS

Although about half the material is recycled, this year’s The New Ringmaster, a dance production by the Cada Players, offers a whole new experience from last year, according to director Sarah Penney.

“There a much bigger emphasis on the storytelling this year,” Ms. Penney said of the show, “on building the movement to truly tell the story of the Ringmaster.”

After two successful shows last weekend — drawing about 300 people each night— the Cada Players will again take the stage at 8 p.m. on Saturday and 6 p.m. Sunday. All ticket sales benefit the non-profit group Hands on Volunteers for Haiti.

Following a preshow performance by Nichole Raab and Melissa Alexander — who displayed their talents by twirling and dancing with hula-hoops — Joanne Penney, Sarah’s mother and founder of the dance troupe, took the stage to introduce the story of the Ringmaster during a dress rehearsal last Friday.

“You see, the circus is a big family,” she told a small audience as carnival music echoed in the background. “It’s a big upside, downside family, and like all families it has a story that needs telling.”

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